A visit to a zoo is highly informative and interesting

A visit to a zoo is highly informative and interesting. It takes us into the company of birds of different colours and varieties. It transports us to the natural world of animals. I visited Delhi in December last. My cousin lives there. He suggested that we should go to see the zoo. I jumped at this suggestion. We took a taxi and reached the huge gate of the zoo. We bought tickets and went in. the mini-train of the zoo was ready to start. We jumped into it. It took us round all the important enclosures in the zoo. First of all we came to a high fencing. There was a pond of water in the middle of it. A huge black animal was lying on its back. it was a bear. At some distance there lay a she-bear. Next we moved to the enclosure where a crocodile was lying cunningly. A large crowd of spectators watched it with deep interest. But the biggest attraction of the zoo was a white elephant. White elephants are very rare. I was fascinated to see its awesome beauty. It presented a delightful look. We had a joy-ride on it for a few minutes.

The mini-train passed by all the areas of the zoo. We saw their rare African birds. There were cranes in one enclosure. I wondered to look at their long, thin legs. In another enclosure there were nightingales, cuckoos and other rare birds. I saw these birds for the first time. In a corner of the zoo there were cages for monkeys. I was surprised to see such a large variety of these funny beasts. There were red-faced as well as blackface monkeys. They made a funny chattering noise. The main draw of the zoo was the sight of: safari lions”. A special van of the zoo took us round the wild enclosure. We were sitting locked up in the van. But the lions and tigers moved about freely. I was thrilled to see so many “kings of the forest” at one place. They roared on seeing us. Their lour roar sent a shiver down my spine. Thank God, none of these fierce beasts came near our can. The only started and growled from a distance. Some visitors were offering fruit and bananas to an elephant. In a pond there were ducks and swans, there were crocodiles and alligators. They were basking in the sun. One cannot by happy in a gold cage also. Freedom is dear to everyone. It appeared that freedom of these animals had been curbed. Although the caged menagerie seemed very exciting to the visitors, it produced are effect of sadness also. After spending a few hours there, we came back admiring the work of the Creator. My visit to the zoo was a wonderful experience. It added to my knowledge. At the same time it cheered my heart and filled me with a thrill.

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