22 March

Human civilization

With the change of history of human civilization, the status of women has also gone a change. Sometimes she has been worshipped like Goddess and the other time she has been working with the man shoulder to shoulder. At another time she has been given the treatment of animals. Some times has been so powerful […]

21 March

The progress of science has narrowed the world

The progress of science has narrowed the world. Every human being is very anxious to know about the latest happening in any part of the world. This difficult but very important task is done by the News papers and for this; they have become an inseparable part of our lives. Early in the morning when […]

21 March

Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution, be it of air or water, is a man-made calamity and currently, the biggest threat that mankind has ever faced. It is estimated that the world need not go in for the Third World War for total extinction – if the present rate of environmental pollution continues. Pollution of the environment is the […]