Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution, be it of air or water, is a man-made calamity and currently, the biggest threat that mankind has ever faced. It is estimated that the world need not go in for the Third World War for total extinction – if the present rate of environmental pollution continues.

Pollution of the environment is the biggest danger of industrialization. Man, on his desire for industrial expansion, has gone beyond limits. There is suffocation and pollution all around. Man pollutes his environment himself. Scientists and statesmen today are worried over man’s misuses and abuse of nature and science. Man is paying a heavy price of it. The problem of pollution is a danger to man’s health, happiness, safety and future. Big cities, like Mumbai and Kolkata pine for fresh air. They feel suffocated due to textile mills, which give out smoke. Harmful gases, chemicals, smoke, dust and din can bring about more destruction than even war can. Various insecticides are a danger to health and happiness. Most common pollution is of the air through firms, poisonous gases, odor, smoke, vapors, etc. Water is rendered unfit today form human use by impurities of various types. Factories inject more carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases in the surroundings. Pollution of water is caused by disposing sewage water and industrial substances into it. In the rural areas, the rivers and lakes are used for bathing, washing clothes and cattle. The same water is used for drinking and cooking.

Noise pollution is also becoming a major environment problem in this country. A survey conducted recently revealed the astonishing fact that noise pollution has damaged the hearing ability of one out of every five workers. The problem of noise pollution causes cough, hoarseness, throat pain, headache due to the strain of talking loudly in a noisy atmosphere. There is a lot of traffic noise of vehicles and excessive use of horns. Without effective international action, it might be difficult to keep the world a sage and healthy place for the whole mankind. It is imperative to have national policy on environmental pollution, taking into account the rapid growth in population, industrialization and urbanization. The environmental consideration should be incorporated in the development strategies themselves so that the problem of waste disposal can be tackled in the initial stages of the project.

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