Famous Temples of Punjab:

Chandi Mandir, Chandigarh:

It is a Hindu Temple near Chandigarh dedicated to goddess of power-Chandi Mata. The temple is situated amidst beautiful surroundings and the backdrop of the Siwalik Hills. This temple has statues of various deities like Chandi Mata, Radha – Krishan ji, Hanuman ji, Lord Shive and Lord Ram. During Navratras, temple is beautifully adorned and special pooja is organized.

Famous Temples in Punjab

Ram Tirth, Amritsar:

Located 11 Kilometres west of Amritsar on Chogawan road, this temple dates back to the period of the Ramayana. It is the hermitage of Rishi Balmiki. The place has an ancient tank and many temples. a hut marks the site where Mata Sita gave birth to Luv and Kush, still extant are Rishi Balmiki’s hut and the well with stairs where Mata Sita used to take her bath. A four-day fair is held here since times immemorial, starting on the full moon night in November.

Durgiana Mandir, Amritsar:

The temple is situated near the Lohgarh gate in Amritsar, at the site of a small lake called Durgiana. The original temple is reported to have  been built in the 16th century, but it was rebuilt in 1921 by Guru Harsai Mal Kapoor in the architectural style of the Sikh Golden Temple. This Temple is sometimes called Silver Temple because of its large exquisitely designed solver doors. The newly built temple was inaugurated by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.

Shiv Mandir, Gur Mandi, Jalandhar:

This temple is located in the heart of a busy market of Gur Mandi; the main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva, which bears relics of the brilliant architectural ability of the ancient time. The temple is constructed by a muslim ‘Nawab’ of the Lodhi dynasty adjacent to the mosque of Imam Nasar. the age old temple is a living witness of religious tolerance which has triggered down across the centuries to the modern period. It presents a perfect blend of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. building bears a rich style of the Hindu architecture.

Devi Talab Mandir, Jalandhar:

The famous Devi Talab temple is situated in the heart of Jalandhar city. IT is one of the most ancient, magnificent and vast temple of Jalandhar with pyramidal Shikhara of ‘Grabha Griha’ covered with plates of gold and main shrine surrounded by sacred water pond. It is basically a complex of various temples. Main one located in teh centre is the temple of mother Goddess ‘Durga’. It is shaktipith which is one of the 54 Shaktipiths, known as Tripurnalini. Next to it is Sun temple, Replica of Shri Amarnath, is also made on the side.

This temple hosts annually ‘Hariballabh Sangeet Sammelan’ for last 125 years. It is the biggest and oldest living congregation cum completion of north Indian classical music.

Sodal Mandir, Jalandhar:

Sodal temple is one of the most famours and significant Hindu temples of Jalandhar city. It is dedicated to the child incarnation of Baba Sodal.. People visit this temple to seek his divine blessings. It is believed that he possesses supernatural powers and anybody who worships him with true heart gets eternal happiness. A festival of ‘Anant Chaturdashi’ is celebrated here on the poornima of September. Huge fair is organized on that day in the town.

Panch Mandir, Kapurthala:

One of the most revered places in Punjab state, the Panch Mandir in Kapurthala is dedicated to different Gods & Goddesses. The giant structure at the middle of holy sanctorum is encircled by many small temples. Apart from being an important place of religious worship it is also an important place for archaeologists, to study the rich architecture of traditional society.

Kali Mata Ji Temple, Patiala:

This temple was built by the Sikh ruler, Maharaja Bhupindra Singh. He financed the construction of the temple in his capital and oversaw its installation in 1936. He was inspired to build this temple and bring the six feet statue of divine Mother Kali and Paawan Jyoti from Bengal to Patiala. Because of its splendid beauty, this temple has been declared a national monument. A much older temple of Raj Rajeshwari is also situated in the centre in the centre of this complex. Devotees offer mustard oil, daal, coconuts, bangles and chunnies.

Bhagwati Mandir, Maisar Khanna, Bathinda City:

Its history goes back to the 17th Century AD. This temple is located in a village that was called Khanna. People from this village were the devotees of Jawala Mukhi temple in Kangra. Once, when Kamala Bhagat and Kali Nath of this village were proceeding towards the Jawala Mukhi temple, Bhagwati Mata, the deity of Jawala Mukhi appeared before them, almost two kilometers before their destination.

She blessed them and told Kamala Bhagat that in future, he need not come to a destination. She blessed them and told Kamala Bhagat that in future he need not come to a pilgrimage to Jawala Mukhi because worship at his village will be sanctified as his worship at her abode. Since then a religious fair is held at this place twice in a year.

Sura Kund Temple Sunam:

It is a large Sun Temple, located to the east of Sunam city. It was destroyed by Mohammad Ghaznavi. It is also said that Saraswati River was flowing nearby. AI-Baruni mentioned it as a famous place in his book ‘KItab-ul-Hind’. Suraj Kund is surrounded by verandhas on all sides. In one corner of the Kund, the ‘Linga’ or Shrine of Lord Shiva is placed. The other two Kunds are – The Sita Kund and the Barat Kund.

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