Human civilization

With the change of history of human civilization, the status of women has also gone a change. Sometimes she has been worshipped like Goddess and the other time she has been working with the man shoulder to shoulder. At another time she has been given the treatment of animals. Some times has been so powerful and free of this, that she has changed the society from the very roots altogether.

In the Indian society, women enjoyed the highest status and respect in the olden times, and no religious functions were complete without the presence of women. They participated in all social and religious functions. Women took part in wars even along with their husbands. They also used to be well knowledge in ‘Shastras’ they were enjoying the social status and freedom even more than men. But in the social set up of Middle Ages, as the history shows and some literature of Indian languages reveals, women have lost much in their social status and freedom.

In some poetic rhymes, women have been described as the ‘Slaves’ and shoes of the feet of men, though, I personally do not agree to this contention and feel and interpret those words otherwise yet it was the status of the women as the people feel. A women has an intense desire of service of her husband. She is emotional; she is sentimental and has the will of sacrifice. It shows that these qualities might have been taken for her weaknesses and they were given that lowered social status. The men seemed to have exploited the qualities, of the women. A women had always thought to been need of shelter which was provided to her by her father in childhood, by her husband in her youth and by her sons in her old age. She was, as such, considered or used to be considered as weak and not independent. She was to remain under control and was to obey the rules meant for only her.

This may be one of the reasons that the women were deprived of education and they were not sent to schools. Only the boys were taken to be fit for education. The women became helpless and took the circumstances for their lot. They were also the show piece of homes and were not allowed outside the four walls. Earning money was the responsibility of the men and as a result there of, the women were solely dependent upon men.


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