The progress of science has narrowed the world

The progress of science has narrowed the world. Every human being is very anxious to know about the latest happening in any part of the world. This difficult but very important task is done by the News papers and for this; they have become an inseparable part of our lives. Early in the morning when we see News papers and for this; they have become an inseparable part of our lives. Early in the morning when we see News Paper, we cannot help but have a passing sight over the main news. The daily News papers are generally liked the most though some weeklies, fortnightly and monthlies have also attracted the readers to a great extent. Though News papers catch up all kinds of news yet the political news are given the main preference. News pertaining to business, games plays, sports, tournaments, cinemas and advertisements of various articles are also given place in the News papers. Advertisements of different articles given by the big business houses, for their popularity in the public, are also placed in the News papers.

Giving news in the News papers is also an art. Some foreign News papers are its good examples. News papers with systematic news and different news have more sale. The press correspondents and the Editors of the News papers have to concise the news very ably so that nothing important is left and nothing unimportant is included. In the popularity of the News papers, the popularity of the Editor works much that depends upon his Editorial page the News Paper. The News Papers are of many uses. We get news of the whole world. Business people depend upon them for rates of the articles and the matrimonial also prove a blessing for searching out a match for boys and girls. News papers give publicity to Public protests and employees agitations and make them a success by creating public opinion in their favor. The public opinion is also formed for political elections on the basic of Newspaper. News Papers help the unemployed people in applying and getting jobs. The students are also benefited from the news papers. They know about the dates of sending admission forms, the date sheet for the final examinations and the results, from the News Papers only. Sports and matches are given in details in the News Papers and Sports’ fans enjoy them the most.

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